Ayurveda – derived from the ancient language Sanskrit ,Ayurveda literally means ‘Knowledge of Life’. Adopting Ayurvedic principles means that you are capable of taking control of your own life and healing. More than just medical care, Ayurveda offers a philosophy where one may prevent unnecessary suffering and live a long and healthy life. Known as the mother of all medicine, it has been researched for 5000 years. Originally from India, but Ayurveda is now experiencing world wide fame and popularity.

Ayurveda is based on the Tri dosha principle; the three doshas being Vata, Pitta and Kapha (air, fire and water). It is with the harmonious interaction of these principles that the body functions in a healthy way. These principles govern our physical and mental activities. If doshas are not in balance, diseases break out.

Yoga – is a way of life, an art of living or n integrated system for the benefit of the body. This art originated and was practiced and perfected in India.The aim of yoga is to attain physical, mental and spiritual health.