As you would imagine – the more fancy the boat – the more fancy the price! Here at In Love with Kerala we have a wide variety of boats on offer to suit everyone. Prices will vary from each category – Choose from our Houseboat categories here:

Each boat will have a number of cabins, usually between 1-3, each cabin sleeps 2 Adults with the possible addition of an extra bed for a child or an extra adult. Houseboat rates will also depend on what time of year you are planning to travel – one can have a luxury boat at a fantastic rate if travelling during the off season for example.

Please contact us for Houseboat enquiries and prices.

A vacation to Kerala opens up many an opportunity for cultural sights, fantastic beaches, exciting wildlife and a pleasant climate – however a trip to this picturesque strip of land is incomplete without a one of a kind houseboat cruise along the backwaters. Deemed as one of the top ten destinations to visit – a backwater cruise on a mystical Keralan ‘Kettuvellom’ is an experience that should not be missed as it enables you to witness rural Kerala at it’s best.

The houseboat cruise through the Vembanad lake and smaller canals at a lazy pace – making perfect for an afternoon of relaxation – but that’s not all – a spectacle of beautiful sights are to come along the way. So kick back and relax and witness the day to day life of Kerala unfold before your eyes.

Greenery and nature is in abundance, lush green paddy fields, traditional houses, local village life, fishermen at work and even school children on their water taxi carpool. Most houseboats offer a smaller canoe boat to explore the narrower canals – and even a village walk.

Our cruises are offered in a range of categories, from Deluxe (the base category) through to Super Luxury and Boutique with service of a 5 star hotel!


Deluxe houseboats are perfect for travellers on a budget – wanting to witness this beautiful part of the world without breaking the bank but still with a clean and hygienic atmosphere. Clean, furnished and with all basic amenities, with a rustic charm and scrummy local food! Air conditioning is offered from 9pm – 6am in the private cabins only.


Our Premium and Luxury houseboats are separated into these categories primarily for decor reasons – both with comfortable furnishings, private cabins with en suite bathrooms and great service. Easier on the pocket than our Super Luxury category – making it a perfect way to cruise the backwaters in style.


The most luxurious boats in our catalogue – with the service of a 5 star hotel. At the higher end of the price tag – rest assured that the service and atmosphere are all worth it. With spacious rooms, plush interiors and a service that would rival a luxury hotel – the super luxury houseboats are the perfect choice for couples opting for a luxury cruise. With quieter engines and air conditioned cabins – a better sleep and a more luxurious stay.

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All of our houseboat categories offer day cruises along the backwaters. So you can opt for any category and receive the same experience and service without an overnight on board. You will board the houseboat at 11.30am – and sail through the Vembanad Lake before mooring for lunch. Sail again until mis afternoon, where you’ll be offered afternoon tea – before finally mooring early evening and ending the cruise.

All of the houseboats we have on offer are PRIVATE. It will be strictly you and your family along with the minimum number of crew (usually 3 – a Captain, a chef and a waiter). Should you be 2 persons, you’ll be given a 1 bedroom Houseboat, 4 persons, then a 2 bedroom boat and so on.

The houseboat cruise will begin with a traditional Kerala lunch – Guests can choose between Vegetarian and non Vegetarian options. Non Vegetarian options will usually consist of fish or chicken cooked in local spices served with rice and a variety of vegetable accompaniments. Afternoon tea will be provided – consisting of tea or coffee with local snacks such as banana or pineapple fritters.

Food on the houseboats is amongst the best you will receive in Kerala as it is cooked in the traditional way without fuss – and the locals will always tell you – it tastes better with your hands!

For breakfast opt for a traditional Kerala style breakfast of scrumptious Poori Masala, amongst others, or a western style eggs on toast with butter and preserves also available.

As Kerala is considered a ‘dry’state – there are strict requirements for licensing to sell alcohol – therefore you will not find a well stocked bar on any of our houseboats – although that does mean you are very welcome to buy your own before boarding the boat.

For many a traveller the thought of mosquitoes and other critters give many a sleepless night but here is the low down… The Kerala backwaters are a natural habitat for mosquitoes and other water insects – however the water is also a natural habitat for those predators who’s diet is mosquito larvae – so this in effect keeps the volume of mosquito’s under control. The mosquitoes you will encounter in Kerala are not those which carry Malaria – so leave that horrible Malaria medicine at home! True medical advice will recommend not taking any form of Malarial medication when visiting Kerala.  Managing Mosquito bites is purely down to repellent, and light cotton long sleeve clothing for the early evening and dawns.